Contact Details

Dr Nammuni can be reached during business hours through any of his consulting rooms. He is always happy to offer telephone advice or discuss your concerns regarding a patient. If you have a patient who needs to be seen urgently he will usually be able to see them in his rooms, or a colleague may be able to see them on his behalf if Dr Nammuni is unavailable at the time. Alternatively in case of an emergency, after discussion with Dr Nammuni, the patient may be sent to the emergency department at RPA or The Northern Beaches Hospital, where Dr Nammuni and his team will be able to care for your patient.


Dr Nammuni will send you a detailed letter explaining his assessment of your patient and the management plans. Dr Nammuni may also telephone you directly if he has any specific questions or concerns regarding your patient. If Dr Nammuni refers your patient on to another specialist he will ensure you receive a copy of all correspondence.

Vascular Laboratory Referrals

Dr Nammuni operates an ultrasound laboratory at his rooms in both Camperdown and Dee Why. All vascular duplex ultrasounds are performed here, including arterial duplex ultrasound, aneurysm screening, DVT and venous insufficiency scans, and dialysis fistula studies. A downloadable PDF of the request forms for each of the Vascular Ultrasound Laboratories can be found below.